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Creamy butter chicken curry with basmati rice.

Newcastle’s Best Indian Restaurant

Welcome to our website for Raj’s Corner, Newcastle’s most renowned Indian restaurant.

Our specialty is North Indian cuisine but we are also experts at a range of South Indian favourites. The management of Raj’s Corner have uniquely been in the Indian food industry for over 20 years.

Our unmatched experience is reflected in our ability to know ‘good food’ and what it takes to keep our customers happy and make us one of the best indian restaurant newcastle nsw. As a family restaurant, our paramount emphasis on fresh fine ingredients is evident.

Now with four venues (Hamilton, Cooks Hill, Charlestown and Glendale), Raj’s Corner successfully provides a dining experience that encompasses traditional, authentic food in a distinctively modern setting. Our atmosphere is relaxed and uplifting.

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Raj’s Corner is fast becoming ‘the place to be’ with established popularity thanks to the dedication of our regular customers.

Specializing in authentic North Indian cuisine and South Indian favourites with entrees, vegetarian and meat curries, side dishes, Dosa and sweets available for dine in and take away. All curries are gluten and MSG free and are made using only the freshest meats and vegetables.

We are open for dine in or take away, seven days a week, 10:30am to 10pm. The only day we are closed for business is Christmas Day. Whether simply wishing to enjoy some coffee and yummy cake or are looking for some authentic butter chicken with fresh naan bread, we can cater for all with our extensive menu range.

We look forward to serving you.

Ordering your favourite Indian cuisine online has never been easier! At Raj's Corner, we've simplified the process to bring the authentic flavours of North Indian and South Indian dishes right to your home. So go ahead, order your Indian food online and let us serve you with the same dedication and quality you'd experience at our restaurant!

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