Discover the Best Indian Restaurant in Newcastle [2023]

So you’re looking for great Indian restaurants in Newcastle? You’re in luck! Newcastle is renowned for its rich variety of exceptional Indian eateries, ready to be discovered by food lovers like you.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the authentic flavours of North and South Indian cuisine at Raj’s Corner in Newcastle, NSW.
  • Enjoy convenient services such as online pick up, delivery, dine-in or takeaway for any occasion.
  • Discover traditional cooking techniques and street food items along with classic dishes like Aloo Palak Paneer & Butter Chicken.

Experience Authentic Indian Flavours at Raj’s Corner

A delectable plate of vegetarian Indian curries and rice

Raj’s Corner, with venues in Hamilton, Charlestown, Cooks Hill, and Glendale, is a renowned Indian restaurant that has been delighting customers for over 18 years. Offering a diverse menu of North and South Indian cuisine, Raj’s Corner is celebrated for its intense authentic flavours and vibrant ambience. From traditional Indian Daal and Chicken Tikka Masala to Lamb Madras, the restaurant ensures that only the freshest meats and vegetables are utilized in their dishes, guaranteeing a high standard of food and service with each visit.

Raj’s Corner takes great pride in its convenience factor. Orders are put together swiftly and with meticulous attention and can even be delivered to your door.

North and South Indian Cuisine

At Raj’s Corner, you can indulge in authentic North Indian cuisine and South Indian favourites, lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients and a focus on quality. The menu offers an extensive range of:

  • Entrees
  • Vegetarian and meat curries
  • Side dishes
  • Dosa
  • Sweets

This ensures that there is something to cater to every palate. One of our Customers all time favourite is the Mango Chicken, cooked with the chef’s specially prepared mango sauce, which has garnered rave reviews from customers.

Proudly using only premium meats and vegetables in our curries, we recommend pairing these with our fresh naan bread for a complete meal. The authentic Butter Chicken, a popular Indian dish made with tender chicken pieces cooked in a chef’s special sauce, is MSG-free and a must-try for those who appreciate the finer nuances of Indian cuisine.

Convenient Services for Every Occasion

Raj’s Corner strives to provide a delightful experience for its customers with a variety of convenient services including online pick up and delivery, dine-in, takeaway, and event catering. The online pick up and delivery service has received positive reviews, with customers commending the friendly and expeditious service, hot and delicious food, and the convenience of ordering online.

The restaurant is open daily from 10:30am to 10:00pm, making it easy to enjoy our delectable Indian cuisine at any time of the day.

Exploring Indian Food Culture in Newcastle

A plate of Indian food with rice, curry and naan bread served in a catering tray

The gastronomical scene of Newcastle has been significantly impacted by Indian food culture, with traditional cooking techniques and street food options adding diversity and complexity to the local culinary offerings. In Newcastle, tandoori cooking, marination, and deep-frying are customary traditional Indian cooking techniques that enhance the flavours and create unique dishes.

Traditional Indian Cooking Techniques

The flavours and uniqueness of Indian specialties are enhanced by employing traditional Indian cooking techniques such as:

  • Tadka or Baghar (tempering)
  • Dum (steaming)
  • Bhunao (sautéing)
  • Dhuanaar (smoking)

Tandoor ovens, typically constructed of clay, are employed in Indian cooking for baking flatbreads such as roti, naan, and lachha paratha, imparting them with a distinctive smoky flavour. These techniques have had a positive effect on Newcastle’s Indian restaurants, augmenting the richness and intricacy of flavours in our dishes.

The use of aromatic spices like:

  • cardamom
  • clove
  • black pepper
  • cumin
  • coriander
  • nutmeg
  • mace

is a distinguishing feature of Indian cuisine. The incorporation of these spices into local culinary offerings has contributed to the popularity and success of Indian restaurants in Newcastle.

Indian Street Food in Newcastle

Indian caterer preparing traditional dishes for a wedding reception

The charm of Indian street food, defined by a casual setting and fresh ingredients, is quickly captivating the Newcastle food scene. Popular dishes available in the city include:

  • Dosa
  • Onion bhajee
  • Chicken biryani

For those looking to experience the flavours of chaat, a popular Indian street food consisting of various savoury snacks, Raj’s Corner based in Newcastle, Cooks Hills, Hamilton & Charlestown offer these delecatable dishes and much more. These street food dishes provide a taste of India’s diverse culinary landscape, right here in Newcastle.

Vegetarian Delights: Indian Dishes for Plant-Based Food Lovers

Delicious Palak Paneer served in a renowned Indian restaurant in Newcastle

Indian cuisine, a significant part of the Indian food industry, is an ideal choice for plant-based food lovers due to its abundant selection of tasty and aromatic vegetarian dishes. Popular vegetarian dishes in Indian cuisine include:

  • Aloo Gobhi
  • Aloo Mutter Paneer
  • White Cholay
  • Daal
  • Mix Vegetables

One mouth-watering example is Vegetable Biryani, a traditional Indian dish prepared by:

  • Layering marinated vegetables and fragrant rice
  • Cooking using the dum method, which involves sealing the pot with dough to trap the steam and flavours
  • Adding caramelized onions for an enhanced aroma and taste.

Aloo Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer, a popular vegetarian dish made with potatoes, spinach and paneer cheese, cooked in a creamy tomato-based sauce, is a must-try for those who appreciate Indian cuisine. The origin of this beloved dish is believed to be in the Punjabi region of India, and it is now a staple in many Indian restaurants around the world.

Raj’s Corner in Newcastle is known for its mouth-watering Aloo Palak Paneer, a delightful mix of fresh cottage cheese and spinach simmered in a rich tomato gravy. The creamy cheese, soft potato and nutritious spinach combination create a delectable and fulfilling dish that customers relish.

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani, brimming with vegetables, spices, and fragrant basmati rice, is a well-loved choice for those preferring plant-based meals. Aromatic and exotic spices, both whole and ground, are employed in Vegetable Biryani, including ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves. The cooking techniques used to prepare Vegetable Biryani involve cooking the rice separately, sautéing onions and spices, layering the rice and vegetables, and cooking on low heat until fully cooked.

Basmati rice, renowned for its aromatic flavour and fluffy texture, is the most suitable type of rice for Vegetable Biryani, complementing the spices and vegetables in the dish.

Popular Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Butter Chicken served in a renowned Indian restaurant in Newcastle

Indian cuisine isn’t just a paradise for plant-based food enthusiasts; it also presents a vast array of popular non-vegetarian dishes that meat lovers would undoubtedly enjoy. Some of the most popular non-vegetarian dishes commonly found at Raj’s Corner include Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and Lamb Rogan Josh.

The traditional recipe for Tandoori Chicken involves marinating chicken in yogurt, spices, and herbs before cooking it in a traditional tandoor oven, resulting in a smoky taste. Lamb Rogan Josh, a dish that originated in Kashmir and was introduced to the region by the Mughals, who were heavily influenced by Persian cuisine, is a rich and aromatic curry made with tender pieces of Lamb meat, cooked in a tomato and onion-based sauce with a blend of spices.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken, also known as Chicken Makhani, is a creamy tomato-based curry featuring tender pieces of chicken, ideal for those who prefer mild flavours. This popular Indian dish is traditionally prepared by marinating boneless chicken pieces in a mixture of thick yogurt, basic spices, lime, garlic, ginger, cumin, and turmeric, before cooking them in a savoury tomato-based gravy with butter, cream, and fragrant spices such as ginger, garlic, and garam masala. Visit Raj’s Corner for the best Butter Chicken can be found at our Venues – Glendale, Hamilton, Cooks Hill & Charlestown.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is another popular non-vegetarian dish in Indian cuisine, made with marinated chicken cooked in a traditional tandoor oven. The marinade typically includes yogurt, spices, and herbs, which imparts a smoky and savory flavour to the dish. Tandoori Chicken has a history dating back thousands of years, with archaeological evidence of meat preparation similar to tandoori chicken discovered in the ruins of Harappa, which are believed to be from around 3000 BC.

This traditional dish is not only a low-fat and low-calorie option that contains lean protein, making it a beneficial source of protein that can promote satiety and efficient fat-burning, but it’s also an example of good food.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh served in a renowned Indian restaurant in Newcastle

Rogan Josh is a rich and aromatic curry made with tender pieces of meat, cooked in a tomato and onion-based sauce with a blend of spices. A staple of Kashmiri cuisine and one of the main dishes of the Kashmiri multicourse meal known as the wazwan, Rogan Josh was introduced to the region by the Mughals, who were heavily influenced by Persian cuisine.

The primary components of Rogan Josh include:

  • Ghee or oil
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves
  • Tomato paste or diced tomatoes
  • Meat such as lamb or mutton

With various regional variations available, Lamb Rogan Josh – with intense spices in a creamy tomato curry sauce, this dish offers a delectable taste of Indian cuisine for meat lovers. Place your Order for Rogan Josh here: Order Online

Must-Try Indian Desserts in Newcastle

A culinary journey through Indian cuisine is incomplete without savoring some delightful desserts. In Newcastle, two must-try Indian desserts are Gulab Jamun and Kulfi. Gulab Jamun is a popular Indian dessert made with deep-fried dough balls soaked in a sweet syrup, often served warm. These dough balls are typically made with milk solids, sugar, rose water, cardamom powder, and occasionally semolina or all-purpose flour.

Kulfi is a beloved frozen dessert – its’ rich and creamy texture, infused with traditional flavours like cardamom and pistachio, makes it a delightful treat for anyone craving a taste of India Down Under. Served on a stick or in a mould, Kulfi offers a cool and satisfying experience, perfect for the Australian climate.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun, a renowned Indian dessert consisting of deep-fried dough balls immersed in a sugary syrup, is typically served warm and enjoyed on special occasions such as festivals, birthdays, and major celebrations such as marriages and Hindu festivals like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. There are regional variations of Gulab Jamun in India, such as the dry jamun of Kumbakonam, the khoya-filled Gulab Jamun of the North, and the milk-based versions of the South.

Bengal also has a unique variation known as “Kala Jamun,” which is darker in color and has a hint of rose essence. Each region has its own distinct take on this beloved dessert, making it a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Gulab Jamun served in a renowned Indian restaurant in Newcastle

Indian Plain Kulfi is a cherished frozen delight that has found its way into the hearts of many in Australia. This creamy dessert, with its origins in India, has become a popular choice in Australian Indian eateries. Its velvety texture, often enhanced with aromatic spices such as cardamom and the crunch of crushed pistachios, tantalizes taste buds with every bite. Whether served on a stick or elegantly molded, Kulfi provides a refreshing and indulgent respite from the Australian heat, delivering a slice of authentic Indian culinary tradition to the Land Down Under.

Other Great Indian Restaurants in Newcastle

Although Raj’s Corner is a prime choice for Indian cuisine in Newcastle, other Indian restaurants like Kings XI, Kapoor’s Kitchen, and Sapphire Indian Restaurant are also worth a visit.

Kings XI

Kings XI Indian Restaurant is recognised for its masterfully prepared Indian dishes, and offers an ideal environment for those in pursuit of an exceptional dining experience. The professional chefs at Kings XI use fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to create dishes that showcase the diverse flavours of Indian cuisine.

With an extensive menu to choose from and a relaxing ambiance, Kings XI has earned its place among Newcastle’s best Indian restaurants.


In conclusion, Newcastle’s Indian food scene offers a diverse range of flavours, techniques, and dishes that cater to both plant-based food lovers and meat enthusiasts. From the authentic North and South Indian cuisine at Raj’s Corner to the delightful street food options and must-try desserts like Gulab Jamun and Kulfi, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, embark on this culinary journey and discover the rich and vibrant Indian food culture that awaits you in Newcastle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Newcastle have good Indian food?

Newcastle definitely has great Indian food, with Raj’s Corner and Kings XI being two of the many fabulous Indian restaurants you will find there.

What is the best Indian restaurant in Newcastle?

For an authentic Indian dining experience, Kings XI and Raj’s Corner, are known as outstanding Indian restaurants, serving up both North and South Indian delicacies across four different venues.

Where can I find the best Butter Chicken in Newcastle?

For a truly flavourful Butter Chicken experience, head to Raj’s Corner in Hamilton for the best Newcastle has to offer.

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