The Ultimate Guide to Ordering at an Indian Restaurant


Craving some spicy, flavourful goodness? Welcome to the world of Indian cuisine! Whether you’re already a lover of curries or a newbie trying to decipher a menu, we’ve got you covered. Let’s embark on this culinary adventure together.

Key Points

  • How to navigate an Indian restaurant menu.
  • Spice levels and dietary preferences.
  • Pairing dishes and beverages.

Understanding Indian Cuisine

butter chicken for beginner | The Ultimate Guide to Ordering at an Indian Restaurant

Indian food is as diverse as it is delectable. From the spicy curries of the south to the rich, creamy dishes of the north, there’s something for everyone.

North Indian Cuisine

Think creamy daals, tandoori dishes, and luscious gravies. North Indian cuisine is known for its use of dairy, such as cream and ghee, and tandoor-cooked meats. Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken are classic staples here.

South Indian Cuisine

Known for its flavourful spicy curries and dosa (a type of crepe made from fermented rice batter). Coconut and tamarind are central flavours, featuring prominently in dishes like Sambar and Fish Curry.

East Indian Cuisine

Sweets and seafood reign supreme in East Indian cuisine. The region is famous for its delicate desserts like Rasgulla and Sandesh, as well as spicy seafood curries.

West Indian Cuisine

Diverse and flavourful, Western India offers everything from spicy curries to sweet treats. The cuisine here ranges from the spicy Goan Vindaloo to the sweet delicacies of Maharashtra like Puran Poli.

Starters and Appetisers

Starting with something yummy? Definitely! Indian starters are a feast in themselves.

Popular Starters

  • Samosas: Crispy pastries filled with spicy potatoes and peas.
  • Pakoras: Deep-fried fritters made from vegetables or paneer.
  • Pani Puri: Hollow puris filled with spicy water, tamarind, and chickpeas.

Main Courses

Here’s where the menu shines with variety and depth. Main courses in Indian cuisine are loaded with flavours and textures that keep you coming back for more.

Must-Try Curries

Butter Chicken: Creamy, mildly spiced, and utterly delicious.
Rogan Josh: A rich and aromatic lamb curry.
Paneer Tikka Masala: Grilled paneer cubes in spicy gravy.

Biryani and Rice Dishes

Chicken Biryani: Fragrant basmati rice cooked with spices and chicken.
Vegetable Pulao: A lighter rice dish loaded with veggies.

Adjusting Spice Levels

Worried about the heat level? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back.

Tips for Spice Adjustment

  • Mild: Ask for dishes with less chilli and more cream-based sauces.
  • Medium: Perfect for those who like a little kick without tears.
  • Hot: Bring on the heat! Request the dish as it’s traditionally made.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Indian cuisine is paradise for vegetarians and vegans.

Veggie Heaven

Aloo Gobi: A delightful dry curry made with potatoes and cauliflower.
Chana Masala: Spicy chickpeas in a tangy sauce.
Baingan Bharta: Smoky mashed aubergine with spices.

Additional Options:

  • Palak Paneer: Spinach and cottage cheese curry.
  • Dal Tadka: Lentils tempered with spices.
  • Vegetable Jalfrezi: Mixed vegetables cooked with Indian spices.

Gluten-Free and Allergy Considerations

Navigating allergies at an Indian restaurant can be a breeze with some tips.

Gluten-Free Choices

Basmati Rice: Naturally gluten-free and a staple.
Lentil Dishes: Daal, made from lentils, is gluten-free.

Allergy Tips

  • Communicate: Always inform the server about your allergies.
  • Avoid Breaded Items: Many appetisers may have gluten-containing breadcrumbs.

Traditional Pairings

Pairing dishes with the right sides and accompaniments can elevate your experience.

Sidekick Love

Rice and Breads: Pair curries with naan or basmati rice for a perfect combo.
Chutneys and Pickles: Add a zing with mint chutney or spicy pickles.

Beverage Recommendations

Lassi: A cooling yoghurt drink, can be sweet or salty.
Masala Chai: Spiced tea perfect to end the meal.
Indian Beers: Complement your meal with a local brew.

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Indian cuisine can be a delightful adventure with its rich flavours and diverse offerings. Now that you’re armed with this ultimate guide, you’re all set to make your dining experience at Raj’s Corner a memorable one. Ready for a taste sensation? Head over to Raj’s Corner!


What are the most popular Indian dishes to try?
Some must-try dishes include Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, Paneer Tikka Masala, and Chicken Biryani.
Is Indian food always spicy?
Not necessarily! You can request mild, medium, or hot spice levels based on your preference.
Are there vegetarian options available?
Absolutely! Indian cuisine is famous for its delicious vegetarian and vegan options like Aloo Gobi and Chana Masala.
What drinks pair well with Indian food?
Lassi, Masala Chai, and Indian beers are great choices to pair with your meal.
How can I make a reservation at Raj’s Corner?
Simply visit their website to make a reservation, place an order online, or inquire about catering services.

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